QualityMinds Travel scholarship 2020 – part 1

In 2020 we will celebrate the 5 year anniversary of QualityMind’s travel scholarship and therefore we wanted to look back at previous scholars, who they are, what has happened since the award and how did they use the scholarship.
First out is Fredrik Almén (now consultant at House of Test / at the time tester at Hogia) who became the historic first scholar in 2016.

QM = Question from QualityMinds / FA = Answer from Fredrik Almén(translated to English by QuallityMinds)

QM: Who are you and what background do you have in testing?
FA: Fredrik Almén is my name and I am a test consultant at House of Test. My background in testing started at a Higher Vocational Education at KYH where I trained as a software tester. After that I have worked in several places and have also had my own company. Right now, I am starting up the local branch of House of Test in the Gothenburg area. Within the testing area, I have also been active within the vocational educations to provide as good conditions as possible for the students. Also participated in and helped with Passion for testing and run several test labs at conferences. I have also always considered that you learn the most when you teach others thereof my drive to help mainly junior testers to come forward.

QM: Did you know that the scholarship existed before you received it?
FA: I had seen a link on LinkedIn (I think) but otherwise I had not heard anything, it came as a huge chock to me that I won the scholarship

QM: What do you think was the key gave you the scholarship that year?
FA: I guess my involvement in the test community. It was one of the reasons I heard when I received the award if I don’t remember wrong, it was a few years ago =)

QM: What have you done for, or are you planning to do for, the scholarship money
FA: I went to Star East in Orlando Florida. I always wanted to go to a conference on the other side of the Atlantic and the budget of the company I was at then didn´t take me all the way so with the scholarship I managed to get to it and I humbly thankful for that!

QM: Have you ever nominated someone else for the scholarship?
FA: No, unfortunately not, many of the people I know have been in the business for too long. But this year I actually have one person in mind!

QM: Do you have any tips for all the test heroes out there?
FA: Never stop sharing and helping others, that’s what drives us forward! Dare to tell your story! It is always appreciated and makes more people dare! Dare to even take in LIA students. I have had several and you learn so much from them every time!

From left: Klaus Nohlås (Jury -QM), Fredrik Almén(Scholar), Robert Fäldt (Jury – Academy), Markus Niklasson (Jury – Industry)


More information about the scholarship and how to nominate someone can be found here.