QualityMinds Travel scholarship 2020 – part 4

Today we have come to our latest scholar, Jakob Pettersson, who was awarded 2019. Although Jakob has only been in the profession for a couple of years he as had the opportunity to be part of introducing test in a start-up and also seen the huge test machinery in the development centre at a large car manufacturer.

From left: Markus Niklasson – Jury Industry, Jakob Pettersson and Markus Strolz – Jury QM (Not in picture Robert Feldt – Jury Academy)

QM = Question from QualityMinds / JP = Answer from Jakob Pettersson (translated to English by QuallityMinds)

QM: Who are you and what background do you have in testing?
JP: I am Jakob Pettersson, test automation engineer, framework builder and HIL test automation engineer. My background in testing extends to 3 years of work experience in both manual and automated testing. My testing experience is mixed, ranging from web testing in both front and back-end to hardware in the loop testing with automation. In addition, I have 1.5 years of training as a Software Tester at ITHS in Göteborg.

QM: Did you know that the scholarship existed before you received it?
JP: I found out about 2 months before when a friend of mine said he had nominated me.

QM: What do you think was the key gave you the scholarship that year?
JP: Together with my colleagues, I built up a framework for with HIL systems for automated testing in the automotive industry.

QM: What have you done for, or are you planning to do for, the scholarship money?
JP: My plan is to use the money for a trip to EuroStar, but given the Covid-19, I may have to re-plan

QM: Have you ever nominated someone else for the scholarship?
JP: I have never nominated anyone myself, but will probably do so this year

QM: Do you have any tips for all the test heroes out there?
JP: Make sure you always want to expand your knowledge library, show you as driven testers who always want to learn more about how everything works together. How does the back-end developer do when coding? How does the engineer work when developing a new system? If you have the drive to learn, you will come a long way.