QualityMinds Travel scholarship 2020 – part 3

We are getting closer and closer to this years scholarship but in the meantime we will continue to look back on history. History is also one of 2018s scholars favourite interest. Today we will meet Tobias Gilbertsson, at the time for the award consultant from TestScouts and there he has stayed.

From left: Markus Strolz – Jury QM, Tobias Gilbertsson and Markus Niklasson – Jury Industry (Not in picture Robert Feldt – Jury Academy)

QM = Question from QualityMinds / TG = Answer from Tobias Gilbertsson (translated to English by QuallityMinds)

QM: Who are you and what background do you have in testing?
TG: I’m Tobias Gilbertsson, raised in Lindome. Throughout my life I have had an interest in sports, history and technology. I got my start in testing when I started a YH training in 2013 to become a Certified Software Tester. Since leaving vocational college in 2015, I have worked with testing within Automotive.

QM: Did you know that the scholarship existed before you received it?
TG: Yes I had seen previous awards in previous Sast Q3

QM: What do you think was the key gave you the scholarship that year?
TG: I think there are two strong reasons why I won the prize. The first is that in my work I have been involved and driven to develop test processes and strategies. Being someone who dares to engage and take on new challenges I think is important for one’s chances of winning. The other is the commitment I have had in the test community. The biggest thing I did was arrange the Test Lab for 2018 Sast Q3. I think commitment and participation in the test community is important.

QM: What have you done for, or are you planning to do for, the scholarship money?
TG: I went to Nordic Testing Days in Estonia Tallinn 2019. A nice event in a nice city. The best thing about the event was meeting testers from many different parts of the world.

QM: Have you ever nominated someone else for the scholarship?
TG: Unfortunately, I have not. Once, I suggested for a friend to nominate. However, shyness seems to have taken over and my friend asked me not to.

QM: Do you have any tips for all the test heroes out there?
TG: Our profession is one for the future and is always changing to meet needs. Therefore, we can never stop learning new things and building our skills. We must remain curious and hungry for knowledge.