Test In Cards – Personas Edition

249.00 kr

52 cards with a character on it to think as another person in your testing. What would your grandma do with this piece of software? Keep it on your desk and when you need some new inspiration go into someone else´s mind and increase quality. Everything packed in a nice little box.


We have compiled 52 characters or personas to be used in your testing in order to find more and different angles of your product or service under test.

Each persona will help you to focus on certain aspects or approaches. Rules for how to use the cards are included. But you can also find your own way of using the cards since the personas are context free. ​

How to use the cards

  • Use them in your workshop in how to improve testing in the company or organization.​
  • As “Topic of the week”​
  • Choose character of the week​
  • Get into another persons mind and have other glasses on when testing​
  • Use new test techniques​
  • Combine it with any of our other card decks to make things even more interesting and challenging.​